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Commercial Plumbing

Only a commercial plumbing company can make sure that the plumbing in your commercial building is in tip-top shape. Unlike residential plumbers, commercial plumbers must deal with a more complex array of plumbing systems throughout the building.

Whether you are in the market for worksite repairs, installations, or maintenance, the experienced plumbing contractors at ArtCelo Construction have the expertise to get the job done. There isn’t a plumbing service that our team hasn’t perfected in commercial settings. Our experienced general contractors are highly knowledgeable when it comes to commercial plumbing.

To find out about the diverse range of commercial plumbing services we offer, or to set up a consultation today, get in touch with us by calling (469) 441-9271.


Plumbing Companies Installations

There is a large margin for error when it comes to commercial installations of major equipment like boilers, water heaters, and sump pumps.  The installation must be executed flawlessly to prevent future leaks and other issues.  Pipes must be properly insulated, so there is no risk of freezing. 

Old, outdated equipment can be corroded and risks causing a catastrophe that could halt productivity in its tracks. At ArtCelo Construction, our plumbers will conduct replacements and installations with care. We also have the expertise to design a completely new system if necessary. 

The savings on your energy bills can even offset the cost of installing new plumbing or sewage systems. 

If you notice an issue with your commercial plumbing, don’t wait for the issue to escalate. Call us today to book an inspection.

Commercial Plumbing Contractors Repairs

Many plumbing issues can be addressed with a high-quality repair. Leaky pipes, running toilets, and dripping are some of the most common culprits when it comes to plumbing issues.  

While many people may try and fix these issues on their own, when it comes to your business, it’s not worth the risk. Any mistake could cause flooding in your workspace, preventing you from conducting business as usual. 

It’s always best to trust a team of experts, and ArtCelo Construction is the best of the best. We have the training and expertise to do repairs on everything from your bathroom to your boiler room. 

Hire Our Plumber for Commercial Maintenance

The best way to avoid major problems and large-scale repairs is with regular plumbing maintenance.  Any event that leads to sewage or floodwaters on your property will mean a shutdown and full cleanout.

Leave it to our team of plumbers to assess the condition of your plumbing from top to bottom. The price of prevention is a worthy investment. Smart money is spent keeping equipment clean and serviced and reducing the risk of an unexpected failure.

We can service the following industries:

  • Office buildings
  • Retail shops and shopping malls
  • Grocery stores
  • Gyms, spas, studios (bathrooms, kitchens, showers)
  • Medical facilities
  • Educational facilities
  • Religious facilities
  • Restaurants, cafés (bathrooms, kitchens, and dishwashing areas)
  • Museums, libraries
  • And more

Call ArtCelo Construction for Plumbing Contractors You Can Rely On

Our professional crew will use our expertise to care for your water mains and sewer lines. No matter the extent or nature of the damage at hand, our team will use the industry’s best tools and techniques to get the job done fast.

Set up an inspection for repairs, maintenance, and repairs, by calling ArtCelo Construction today.

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